How to Combat Anxiety

When You Can't Pray it Away
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Anxiety – What happens when you can’t pray it away?

JESUS! You seem to be calling his name a little extra lately.

  • A moment of peace is the desire of your heart right on a daily basis right now.
  • Kids doing virtual school, racial social injustices, and a national pandemic.
  • To say you are Stressed Out is an understatement at this point.

Given the state of our country on top of our everyday stressors, I have found myself feeling overwhelmed on most days. Colleagues, friends, neighbors, and fellow believers are feeling it too. I have had to implement some extra coping strategies to nd moments of peace in my daily life.

Learn How to Combat Anxiety When You Can’t Pray It Away

Prayer has been my go to when I am feeling like I don’t have control over everything that is happening in my life.

BUT let’s be transparent for a moment, it’s not always as simple as a prayer and magically everything will all be well again.

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Just in case we haven’t met yet…

My name is Trinetta Powell and I am a Licensed Professional Counselor, Transition Life Coach, Author, Wife, Mom, and Gigi of 7 beautiful little humans. I love to bake and consider myself a cake connoisseur, lol. In my downtime you can find me binge watching the latest season of Grey’s Anatomy, Black Love, or just Netflix and chilling.

I help Women of Color by creating custom strategies on how to turn their FEAR into FAITH so they can live a life of FREEDOM and LIBERATION.

Now that we have met, I wanted to share how I have been able to help hundreds of women including myself manage stress and anxiety over the last few months my eBook “4 Steps To Combat Anxiety – When You Can’t Pray It Away”.