The Confidence In Uncertainty Experience

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The Confidence In Uncertainty Experience

Confidence In Uncertainty is a 3 Day Group Experience focused on shifting your mindset from people pleasing, perfectionistic behaviors, and allowing shame to hold you hostage to conquering negative thoughts, pursing dreams, and thriving in peace.   

Confidence In Uncertainty will provide clarity, motivation, and a strategic actionable plan to move forward to achieve all that God has ordained for your life.

It’s time to stop living a life that is lacking purpose, filled with overwhelm, and running on autopilot. It’s your time to stop saying, “I got to get my life together” and just do it with some help.

As your Transformation Coach, we will work together to identify the obstacles, fears, and mindset that are keeping you on the hamster wheel.

This Experience Will:


Help you get clear on your values and begin to understand how essential they are to your development of resiliency.


Comprehend the relationship between vulnerability and joy.


Learn the 4 step model of shame resilience so your inner critic can be silenced.


Gain communication tools to be able to ask for what you need without feeling guilty.

Everything in The Confidence In Uncertainty Experience is powerful and provides incredible insight, motivation, and tools that will change your life for the better in a short period of time.   Book a Alignment call today to learn more!

Alignment Call

This call is designed for me to gather details about you, your goals, and your challenges. During this call I will be able to determine if you will be a good fit to work with me and if you are ready to do the work. 

What Our Past Clients Say:

I’ve learned how to say no and not feel guilty. My biggest growth is moving away from being a people pleaser.

Stephanie Hartford, Website Marketing Manager

Trinetta was very helpful because as a entrepreneur, she gets it. Trinetta truly wants to see you succeed. 

Patricia Jones, CEO

 Trinetta truly wants the best for her clients. She helped me see that my peace was priority and how to use the power of my No.  I hear her voice in my head saying “No” whenever I find myself slipping back into old scarcity thinking patterns.

T.S., Business Owner