Business Consulting

For Mental Health Therapists
Discovery Call

Business Consulting

You have clinical skills, but have no clue how to start or run a business.  You’ve heard the horror stories of clinicians who can’t get clients, or they are working more now than when they had an employer.  

When I decided to launch my private practice I felt confused by all of the conflicting information on how to begin.  Should I be private pay only or take insurance? Which EHR system should I use? What does EHR even stand for? How do I file billing? And what the heck is a CPT code?  Overwhelmed was an understatement, lol. 

When starting a private practice you need a good foundation and strategy for a sustainable and profitable impact. I remember how frustrating it was when I started out and wanted to create a service to help others coming behind me.  We are better when we work together.  It’s enough room out here for all of us and YOUR clients are waiting for you to show up.

Schedule a 1:1 Strategy Call and leave with Clarity, Strategy, and tools to Execute.

Discovery Session

This call is designed for me to gather details about you, your goals, and your challenges. During this call I will be able to determine if you will be a good fit to work with me and if you are ready to do the work.

Strategy Session

As your Goal Fulfillment Strategist I will go over with you the custom strategy plan I created to guide you in reaching the goals we discussed in your Discovery Call. During this call you can expect step by step guidance and have an opportunity to ask questions.

Accountability Session

4 separate 15 minute calls purchase as a bundle to follow up on progress of your custom strategy plan.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you only work with established companies?

No, I work with Mental Health Clinicians who want to open their own private practice but don’t know the steps.  I give them guidance on how to navigate that process.

Do you offer ongoing consulting services?

Yes, clients have the option of choosing to purchase an additional accountability call package or they can schedule for a follow up strategy session.

How many times will we meet?

There will be 6-7 meetings total. (1) Discovery Call, (1-2) Strategy Calls, and (4) Accountability calls.